Curious Ai: System 2 Explainer Video

The Curious AI Company develops artificial general intelligence (AI). The company focuses on autonomous and interactive machine learning technologies. Building on more than two decades of work in bio-inspired AI by founder Harri Valpola, PhD, Curious AI delivers industrial pilot projects while building a long-term, complete AI deep tech portfolio.

I was approached by Dr Harri Valpola and his team to turn his very exiting (but very complex) research into an easily-digestible explainer that they could use to promote the work. As is often the case with scientific or highly technical explainer videos, this was a two-fold challenge; first I had to really get under the skin of the content and try to understand it. This involves a lot of one-on-one time with the client, helping them use language that works well for a broad audience. Once I am satisfied that things are making sense, the creative process can start. For this particular project I wrote the script with help from a friend in the AI field, and then storyboarded and animated the fun and engaging video that you can see here.